Hardwood Flooring Installation Myrtle Beach

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Installation Myrtle Beach

The hardwood flooring market continues to benefit from advances in technology, which are making them more beautiful and more likely to stand up to life’s challenges. Manufacturers are offering a wide variety of surface textures, designs and styles. The advancements in technology have further enabled the manufacturers to provide high-performance hardwood flooring with a longer lifespan, and in some cases, even with more competitive price points.   

“Wood décor flooring is the fastest growing category within hard surface,” said Adam Ward, senior product director, wood and laminate, Mohawk. “It is growing 14 times as fast as tile and stone looks. Consumers want wood, and they prefer natural wood. When you can combine ultimate performance with genuine hardwood—it is a win-win for our retail partners.”

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